The City desired to build a business case for a proposed deployment of an enterprise-wide CRM system. To gain an in-depth understanding of the client’s current environment, we interviewed more than 50 municipal employees from various departments to uncover their current processes, technology, and organizational structure. In addition, we conducted a large-scale kick-off meeting that included all impacted departments and facilitated several core team meetings with the CRM steering committee. The road map which was developed included the following:

West Hollywood utilized the report to secure city council support and move forward with a requirements definition phase and the eventual release of a CRM RFP. Stern Consulting worked with West Hollywood to develop a set of CRM and Work Order Management requirements, which were eventually integrated into an RFP.

After the RFP was written, Stern Consulting led the entire vendor evaluation process including:

Spencer Stern also facilitated site visits for members of the West Hollywood evaluation committee at the following call centers: Los Alamos County, NM and Albuquerque NM.