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By publishing about the work we do, STERN CONSULTING continues to have a voice in the public sector.


CIO Leadership for Cities and Counties
Spencer contributed a chapter about change management to the second edition of CIO Leadership for Cities and Counties: Emerging Trends and Practices by Dr. Alan R. Shark. The book covers leadership, strategic planning, technology practices, innovation, cyber security, cloud services, civic engagement, digital ethics, as well as human resources and the future.

Roadmap to Modern: Beyond 311 to the Modern Citizen Experience
Spencer Stern co-authored the whitepaper Roadmap to Modern: Beyond 311 to the Modern Citizen Experience which discusses how new digital initiatives are engaging citizens, empowering them, and forcing local governments to adapt to this new paradigm.

How 311 Call Centers are Transforming Municipal Emergency Responses
In this blog post Spencer Stern discusses how 311 call centers are leveraged by 911 call centers to handle citizen inquires and responses in emergency situations. Examples from weather-related situations and the Minneapolis Bridge collapse are presented.

The Interaction of Open Data and Constituent Services
In this whitepaper, Spencer Stern discusses how 311 data can help drive a municipality’s open data initiatives and learn how open data can defer these costs and improve your organization's operational efficiency. The whitepaper features six governments that use open data to provide greater access at significantly lower costs.

ICMA: Making Sense of Mobile
In this recently published ICMA article, Spencer Stern proposes an approach to help municipalities address the development and deployment of mobile apps.

Social Media Return on Investment
Published by the Alliance for Innovation in their March 2012 edition of the Innovation Ambassador, this article disuses why calculating a Return on Investment (ROI) for public sector social media deployments is so challenging. It explores different tracking tools that can be utilized to calculate an ROI metric and shares ROI-centric public sector social media success stories.

Creating the Social Media Game Plan
Published by the Government Finance Officers Association, this article discusses the steps that public sector organizations should pursue to successfully build and sustain a social media team. Included are several examples of public sector organizations that have leveraged social media to enhance their constituent engagement.

The Business Drivers of Software as a Service (SaaS): Key Issues for Public Sector Executives
Published by ICMA, this short whitepaper discusses the key issues municipal executives should consider when deciding to pursue different software deployment approaches. The article provides an analysis of the benefits that public sector organizations can secure should they decide to move to a SaaS or "Cloud Computing" deployment model.

Revolutionizing Constituent Relationships: The Promise of CRM Systems for the Public Sector
In this report, Spencer Stern authored two sections that discussed the benefits municipalities could expect to receive from deploying a CRM solution, how to develop key performance indicators (KPI), and how to sustain consistent executive-level project support.

Customer Service and 3-1-1/CRM Technology in Local Governments: Lessons on Connecting with Citizens
Spencer Stern co-authored a section in this whitepaper entitled: Investing in CRM: Building the Business Case and Cost-Benefit Model.

Call 311: Durham One Call
Spencer Stern co-authored this research report, which focused on how Durham could leverage their call center operations to achieve the following goals: developing new, innovative citizen-centric programs, enhance citizen satisfaction levels with existing services/programs, and improve departmental performance metrics.

Call 311: Saco Information Center and Online Request System City of Saco, Maine
Spencer Stern co-authored this research report, which focused on how Saco could optimally integrate their community engagement, performance management, and budgeting programs into a seamless, repeatable function.

A Work in Progress: Philadelphia’s 3-1-1 System After One Year
This report, published by the Pew Foundation, quotes Spencer Stern as he comments on the city of Philadelphia’s experiences with launching their 3-1-1 system.





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