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STERN CONSULTING has worked on a variety of municipal projects from conducting up-front needs assessment to supporting implementation efforts. Below is a description of the types of services we have delivered to multiple clients as they pursue their solutions:

Multi-Channel Citizen Engagement

As the number of digital communications channels increase, municipalities are faced with critical decisions on which are the most appropriate channels to utilize. From multiple social media options to mobile and web to co-browsing and texting, organizations are requiring support to determine the optimal channels for their constituents, balanced with the internal constraints of staffing and funding.

Change Management
We have conducted departmental change management workshops and developed change management communications plans to ensure that all key stakeholders are appropriately provided with the right message through the appropriate channel. Stern Consulting pursues a rigorous change approach that tightly integrates the client personnel who act as change management champions and coaches to help successfully enable change.
Open Data Platform Planning

With the volume of government data growing and citizen’s expectations of data sharing and transparency increasing, local governments are investigating new approaches for sharing their data. Stern Consulting has supported organizations developing their open data strategies, identifying which data to share, and developing tools so constituents can utilize the data.

Social CRM

As public sector organizations are turning to social media options such as Twitter, Facebook, and Smartphone applications, it is becoming increasingly more complex to integrate these applications with CRM. Integration provides new channels to communicate e and collaborate with constituents as well as developing holistic view of their interactions. Stern Consulting supports organizations to ensure that their social media initiatives are meticulously planned, well executed, and consistently monitored.

Business Process
Re-engineering (BPR)

Stern Consulting has conducted multiple BPR sessions designed to optimize the new the processes created by the solution deployment. Our focus is not to automate a poor business process, but to leverage the impact of the new solution to optimize a business process. In addition to establishing future state process maps, which incorporate personnel and technologies, we have also developed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and have created new reports and executive dashboards.

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Business Case Development

Stern Consulting has developed many business case for clients seeking to pursue new software solutions. Each business case is customized. However, most business cases contain the following elements:
1. Developing the optimal strategy
2. Documenting the current state
3. Proposing a future state
4. Developing a gap analysis
5. Improving efficiency of response/action
6. Capturing and tracking relevant process and metrics
7. Identifying reporting needs and requirements
8. Determining the financial, investment and ROI data
9. Recommending a preferred solution

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ROI Analysis

Stern Consulting has established a formal process to develop an ROI and business case analysis, with special emphasis on defining the opportunities and providing the methods to measure the project’s impact. Spencer has developed a project approach as well as tools and templates to be used during the process. The ROI approach has identified potential cost savings, such as:

  • Providing information in a single easy to access environment
  • Simplifying and streamlining reporting requirements
  • Reducing the number and length of forms
  • Enabling transactions to be completed quickly
  • Identifying new revenue streams
  • Assisting constituents to understand which regulations apply to them and how they can comply
Due our extensive network within the municipal market, we are able to conduct thorough benchmarking initiatives so clients can compare their service levels, metrics, and overall performance against other best-in-class deployments.
Requirements Definition Development and Request for Proposal (RFP) Development

Stern Consulting supports clients in developing detailed requirements for software. A requirements definition project determines the key business, technical, and functional requirements that would be required for a software application to ensure that it meets the client’s needs.

The Requirements Definition (RD) process it very critical to the overall success of the Request for Proposal (RFP) process. If the requirements gathered are not accurate, the proposed vendor solutions may not fit the client’s needs and be able to address their key issues. To guide our RD efforts, the following approach will be utilized:
1. Start from a baseline.
2. Write requirements in clear and concise statements that permit validation.
3. Focus on future state needs.
4. Consolidate similar requirements and system-wide requirements
5. Organize requirements by function, module, and/or process.
6. Perform a preliminary fit-gap analysis.
7. Outline system-wide issues.

After the RFP is issued, Stern Consulting will support client’s analysis of proposals. Stern Consulting points out critical issues for clients to consider in making its choice. In addition, Stern Consulting will provide a tool for the client to evaluate and rank the RFP responses, which will aid the discussion on which vendors are selected to return for the on-site demo.

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Educational Outreach / Marketing Communications Plan
Should the client desire to move forward with their implementation, a critical success factor is developing a comprehensive educational outreach/marketing communications plan. This plan will play an important role in ensuring the smooth implementation of the client’s change management initiative. The plan helps to document many of the change management initiatives that should occur to move the proposed implementation forward. The proposed plan should consist of the following components:
1. Overall Strategy
2. Resources Required (internal and external)
3. Targeted Segments
4. Tactics/Devices Deployed
5. Timetable
Assist with Educations of
Elected Officials
Education and buy-in can be achieved through several means including training sessions, marketing materials, and general inclusion in planning activities. Our focus in this service is on stakeholder alignment and training of key personnel.
Recommend Hardware / Software Topologies and Architectures
We have defined technical architecture solutions for the multiple information technology solutions. The proposed architecture focuses on not only the components required to deploy a new solution, but how the solution integrates with existing systems.
Contracts Negotiation Support

Too often, organizations are pitted against vendors that have negotiated contracts many times before. Understandably, software vendors and their implementation partners want to maximize profit and minimize risk. Stern Consulting has developed a unique competitive contracting advantage that is utilized to even the playing field between the vendor and client. Stern Consulting partners have reviewed more than 100 public sector information technology procurements in the past ten years and bring to bear significant expertise in identifying cost savings opportunities for clients.

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