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We actively share our experiences by participating in webinars covering many areas of CRM, ROI, and change management.


Citizen Engagement Initiatives
Listen to Spencer Stern discuss new citizen engagement initiatives including multi-channel communication approaches and developing rich citizen profiles.

Is Water Districts: Use Data To Improve Financial Performance
Spencer Stern and Kyla Jacobsen discuss the importance of using data to make decisions to optimize a water district’s performance.

Change Management Webinar - City of Cleveland CRM Implementation
Spencer Stern speaks about what Change Management is and why it is important.

Identifying Customer Relationship Management (CRM) ROI Opportunities | Audio file
Spencer Stern presents different Return on Investment approaches and opportunities and CRM-driven benefits.

CRM and all things Social Media | Audio file
Explores how municipalities can leverage web 2.0 functionality within their existing CRM deployments.

Conducting a CRM Needs Assessment
It provides a background on the keys steps municipalities should pursue to help build a CRM-driven business case to help launch a CRM / customer service initiative

Is Your Community Ready for a 311 / CRM System?
This webinar focuses on the steps a municipality should pursue to determine if they are ready from both an internal and constituent-facing perspective to consider deploying a 311 / CRM solution. The webinar provides checklists and helpful hints that will help enable this decision.





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